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Inquisitors Desire (2024)

Book 3: Hidden Gems Saga

After a long delay, Inquisitors Desire will be ready to make its debut Summer 2024!

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Mages' Deceit 

Book 2: Hidden Gems Saga

Some betrayals run deep…

Opal and Jade are equals in almost every way, but only one of them will be promoted within the Order.

For Jade, this is her second chance at redemption. She is dismissed as untrained and volatile, so she’ll have to prove her worth and step out from the shadow of her sisters.

Opal, believing Jade will destroy all she has worked for, will push herself far beyond her limits to earn the title and keep her sister at bay.

When Castian Brightflame comes to train Opal, Jade finds the handsome and enigmatic elf to be an excellent mentor; and foreign emotions cause Jade to wonder if there is more to life than proving herself to her sisters.

But dark secrets from their past will be revealed, and they must either heal or risk descending into madness. If these sisters don’t find a way to work together, they’ll lose everything they love.

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Stone Magus 

Book 1: Hidden Gems Saga

In life, love, and family, there is always strength in numbers.

Something is off balance between the Windsong Sisters, and for Opal and Ruby, the terrible might of their powers may just lead them to catastrophe—or clarity. As half-elf mages in the service of the Order of Aiuna, the sisters spend their days collecting and preserving anything that magic touches, and as their mission takes them further back into their past, the darkness that awaits them there threatens to destroy everything they hold dear.

Despite the dark smoke rising around them, Opal is finding it hard to ignore the flames flickering between herself and Baerdun. There’s just something about it that makes her feel weak, and not just in the knees. With so much happening around them, it’s becoming much harder to keep her heart her own.

After everything they’ve lost—what if they lose themselves as well?

Enter a world where shadows exist within and without, and follow Opal, Ruby, and Baerdun down a path that will either bring them together or force them apart.

If you like Sarah J. Mass, Grace Draven, and Jennifer Armentrout, then Stone Magus is a novel you won’t be able to put down.

***WARNING: Stone Magus contains adult sexual themes, violence, and other explicit content that could distress some readers. Proceed with caution.***

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Auina's Demand 

A Neuralian Short Story

The raw ambitions of men may have met their match—for great power hides in the most unlikely places.

After 200 years, Cleric Rokian Sylrel’s prayers are about to be answered. With the return of his Goddess, the ethereal and illuminating Aiuna, the course of Rokian’s fate could be forever altered.

Hidden away in the depths of Calsley Castle by the notoriously mad King Rainier, Ruby Windsong is of great interest to the lovely Aiuna, and securing her safety will be no simple task for the cleric or his clergy. With the help of the magi Thalla and Olog, and his mate, Kailu, Rokian sets out to appease his muse once and for all. But Ruby’s magic grows stronger and more deadly every day. Will they be able to rescue her in time, while not getting caught in the process?


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